Partially Mine, Sharon Johnston

We talk He laughs i smile Preemptive aura hits Déjà vu His eyes plead i know it’s coming So does he Then he’s gone Disappears from reality Trapped somewhere in his mind No longer mine A vacant stranger He stumbles Falls i reach Brace his body against my own Heavy struggle i lower him to […]

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Squinting Against the Sun, Laura Neill

Tess opens her eyes. A sandwich sits half an inch from her face, the crust nearly grazing the tip of her nose. A mangled mess of chicken shoved between two planks of frozen bread. She rolls onto her back and scratches at a crust of dried spit in the corner of her mouth. ‘Right.’ Mick […]

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The Results are in, Jasmine Giuliani

Our fate sealed with handshakes between coal soot tycoons and media moguls and big banks and fear-mongers and bigots and slippery dealings and hateful concessions and business as usual. The echo of humanity no longer brings comfort or false hope on a sleepless night where the minority in white towers do not stand alone, no, […]

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Radio Face, Elizabeth White

Ebony Janssen was walking from the train station in her school uniform. She could feel a clammy glide of sweat lubricating the movement of her thighs. In a modest attempt to firm her thighs and put an extra shield between the world and her underpants she wore bike pants underneath her dress. They had rolled […]

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True Colours, Bohdi Byles

Disclaimer — this personal essay contains potentially triggering content relating to hate crimes, self-harm, and suicide.   March 3rd, 2012. I’ve never seen anything so vibrant, so spectacular, or so expressive before. It is the night after I’ve come out, and Mardi Gras felt like a symbolic way to embrace my new, authentic life. There’s […]

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The Girl Who Knew Too Much, Aylish Dowsett

‘A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. So is a lot.’ — Albert Einstein Okay, I know this looks bad. And very much illegal. But really, what else was I supposed to do other than to whack it on the head and drag it here? Don’t roll your eyes at me like that. It saw […]

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The Wedding Eve, Alison Graham

Altan had hardly expected to enjoy the day of the pre-wedding celebration, but things took a significant downturn after the rehearsal. One of the girls had decided to ask him a question. ‘Shouldn’t you be with your future bride?’ she asked, teeth bright in a cheeky smile. She was a pretty thing with large blue […]

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After the Phoenix, Kirsten Oakley

    Your ashes are in my mouth. I swallow the bitter taste as I crouch. But I cannot follow you. They need me here. In the small bathroom their shrieks reverberate against the tiles. I want to cover my ears but my arms are weighed down with their soapy bodies. I cannot even close […]

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Two Thumbs Make Butterfly Wings, Eva Matheson

Everyone does it, not a big deal. It was bound to happen sooner or later. I want to see the kids, the grandkids, I want to stay in touch with old friends. It’s time to spread my social media butterfly wings. Create a username… I’ll use the same password I use for everything… Hello, Facebook. […]

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Brief History of the Blood Curse, Celine Perczynski

It was commonly known that the Curse was not well thought out. There was humming, not shouting. No licking of stones or puppets. Though the ingredients were ground into thin powder, they were snorted not swallowed. Nothing was done properly. Still, it was not a complete disaster. Instead of turning into crows, women bleed once […]

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