Rhyme Over Imported Wine on Date Night, Poppi Hmelnitsky

Now is like forever. In this park of glooming distaste I taste blood and bleed sweat. Sirens whistle whilst we wander. Wonder wistfully. Whilst clenching Jenny’s clammy hands.White men don’t show weakness. Week-night date-night never knew this park, was once Gadigal country, ceremonial place ofthe rainy-day missing puzzle peace. Please, replace the rephrases of the […]

A Star-Studded Season of Sleeplessness, Giorgia Woolley

IBurning so far above, blazing and bright, you do not pause… Still striving forward, andsailing through star-raising seas— won’t you stay awake too late with me?Carry me through to those final hours blue, due to darken at midnight.Come on, push against the pull, It’s not as late as you say!Do not stray away from your […]

Mist and Damp, Alec Wright

As heels peck the earth I yearn for an unknown world. A quiet desperation, for mist and damp. Pecks turn to plump sodden things, upon drowning dirt. A slow dance with vine leaves, in mist and damp. Untitled creatures chatter moss covered, propaganda. A riotous reverberation, about mist and damp. Silhouettes of long-lost-lovers call to […]

Sounds from the Tree House/On Visiting My Childhood Home/The Sea, Katherine Giles

Sounds from the Tree House As night fallsthe shadow bats sweepin and fill the skywith hungry shrieksand sounds of flapping wings. A celebration in the trees,all night conversationor screeching argument,no waver from their noisy game. I lie in bed,high among the trees, exposed I hear their clumsy flight,their voices so near. Did I close the […]

The Globe’s Ghosts, Sienna Knowles

By a Sleep We End the Heartache He was a violet –   The most striking of the King’s garden. Should I have even tried To play the instrument of his mystery? I was warned he would not bloom long, But what power does a young heart hold Against the melody of a prince? Soon, […]

Six Seventeenths, Kyla Hetherington

Six seventeenths have passed, you’re sick with change.They urge you ‘Find a craft. Switch the cage.’You toil, aching back tilted over tender sprouting soil.In the shower you kiss your bronzed hands on a whim and wonder,        If I plant them, will they grow?        One day at a time.You scoop […]

Hunger, Sofie Fernandez

Hunger Do you remember, Brother?If you would listen, I’d ask you,Do you remember when we were children of the woods?Are we still children of the woods?Are you hungry, Brother? Mother fed us to the forest,walking ahead of us, her face plastered with smiles,her hands holding ours,forming a neat line,as we marched into the mouth of […]

This Pebble/A Short Song, Rosamund Kenay

.         This Pebble I put this cool white pebble in your hand,when we were together – the last time.Burnished smooth by the Findhorn river,made of granite from the Cairngorms.Its structure like your mind, is a matrix of microscopic crystals – forced together,by the volcanic force of intellect.Invisible to the naked eye […]

Map Anatomy/The Australian Dream, Bruna Gomes

Map Anatomy I. Vovó’s fingersAre soursop-flesh directoriesIn the fruit aisle Mamãe’s wristsPave pink guidesTo my guava bloodline My daughter’s unborn fistSalutes the passionfruit vinesOf my destination My palms lined with theseRoad-maps, roots deep,Fit perfectly in my pocket. II. wrist: riverbed of purple ancestryheel: cheek of papaya flesh, overripepalm: cut-glass chalice collects pulpfinger: macaw claw to […]

Casual Guardian, Jenna Zani

Full time employee but a casual parent with part time affection and half-hearted love that rewards bountiful glistering rain in thunderous cries. Cracking fault lines in Creation’s blind trust and splitting soul into many. Actions cut deep, apologies fall short without meaning – connection severs. Reality isn’t enough, imagined friends and family bring momentary comfort, […]