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The Quarry #5 All Issues Poetry




Rhyme Over Imported Wine on Date Night, Poppi Hmelnitsky

A Star-Studded Season of Sleeplessness, Giorgia Woolley

Mist and Damp, Alec Wright

Sounds from the Tree House/On Visiting My Childhood Home/The Sea, Katherine Giles

The Globe's Ghosts, Sienna Knowles

Six Seventeenths, Kyla Hetherington

Hunger, Sofie Fernandez

This Pebble/A Short Song, Rosamund Kenay

Map Anatomy/The Australian Dream, Bruna Gomes

Casual Guardian, Jenna Zani

Fish must swim three times/Le Lacrime di Fico, Joanne Kennedy

Black Summer/The Commuter, Ila Winterburn

salt of the earth, Mykayla Castle

Breathe, Christine Zielinski

Luggage, Ann-Maree Irvine

my grandmother's charm bracelet, Ceilidh Newbury

Cherries, Verity Oswin

sirius resting, Hayley Ward

He Disappeared into a Bottle, Alyssa Byrnes

The Years Have Just Flown By, James Fisher

Learning Curve, Judith Mendoza-White

On the Breaking Down of Leaves, & (Not a) Big Deal, Lauren Forner

Spring where you can see it during Covid-19, M. Tara Crowl

Inside a Sunless Sea, Tanya Lake

#2020, Hiroki Kosuge

In This Moment...Covid-19, Cassandra Shanahan

Loud Crashes and Booms, Annabelle Serisier

Night Cry, Freshta Nawabi

Inveterate Tongue, Timothy Sharp

Compagnon pour la vie, Alyssa Byrnes

Partially Mine, Sharon Johnston

The Results are in, Jasmine Giuliani

Two Thumbs Make Butterfly Wings, Eva Matheson

A Country with no Borders, Hiroki Kosuge

The Dainty Line, Leanne Wicks

Crescents, Evangeline Hester

MelalUKEa Boy, Leanne Wicks

The Migrant, Pooja Biswas

Mama, Alix Rochaix

Border Crossing, Pooja Biswas

The Extra/CynthIA, Sam Moon

Do NOT Read This, Alexander Lafazanis

The constant, Masumi Atul Parmar

Gaymergate, James Renshaw

Westfall, James Renshaw

Discord, James Renshaw

Ghosting, James Renshaw

Hypersuite, Stuart Madafiglio

Act 4 - My Heart is a Floozy, Melissa Farrell

Act 3 - My Jealousy is a Clown, Melissa Farrell

Act 2 - Mirror Maze, Melissa Farrell

Act 1 - The Telephone, Melissa Farrell

Rorka, Rohan Viswalingam

Being: Mark Four, Melanie Adams

The Answer To That, Sir, Is Nothing, Georgia Buley

Solid Sand and Broken Water, Hannah Baker

NiKKi, Hiroki Kosuge

Badu Mangrove Morning, Willo Drummond

Crossroads, Alix Rochaix

Here was one, Victoria Brookman

A Murky Etheree, Laura Gerges

Smothered - Anna Tewson

The Parable of the Sower - Jacob Tarasenko

Lilting - Kelly Rae Olander

Feed - Grace Liley

Shoots of Jim and the Night Sky - JW N Douglas

Backyard Ink, Ramona Hester

Pervasive Poetry, Amanda Midlam

Trophies, Scars and Confusion, Angelica Wright

In A Grove (Two Parts), Rashōmon, Vanessa Ryan

Another Day Above the Ground, Anatomy Dichotomy, Minarets, & Cotton Fences, Susan Lewington

Life As We Know It, Elsa Lilienfeld

A Matter of Style, Christine Ireland

Excerpts from Teagan’s Notebook - Age 15, Elizabeth Claire Alberts

Fault Lines & Other Poetry, Charlie Bridger

Six poems, Christine Ireland

The Poet, an abecediarian poem, E.C. Alberts

The Citadel, Melissa Farrell

Learning and unlearning songs, Liz Hughes

Ascent, Jeremy Page

Ouroboros, Charlotte Goodwin

Pandora, Catherine Edwards