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The Quarry #5 All Issues




Maps of Our World, William Lawrence

The Memory of Superman, Kimberley Carter

The Tree, Andrew Hogan

A Literary Homicide, Jasmine Oke

small deaths in spring, Courtney Boulais

Taking a Chance on Love, Elizabeth 'Aoife' McGee

Hollow Smiles, Tara Lyall

Pretty Boy, Caitlin Hickson

There's Always Another, Glenn Kershaw

Signposts, Michelle Rademeyer

Slay Park, Diane Haynes-Smith

How To Get Away With Unfinished Homework, Elizabeth Campbell

The Playground Shadow, Chloe Louis

Drifting, Ebony Troon

Fairy-Taled, Jodi Small

Gedo Youssef, Karoul Riyad

Wonder Boy, James Melham

Decontaminate, Natasya Currie

Night Market, Ry Feder

Afterlight, J. A. Phelan

The Showman, Scott Monk

Hikikomori, Alice Maher

Until the Light, Thomas Dennis

The Hosts, Selin Aydogar

Touched, Kimberley Carter

Helios and Luna, Harry Trethowan

Swan Lake, Swarna Pinto

The Old Dog, Aislinn McKenzie

Lost Things, Izabel Smythe

Thursday's Alice, Glenn Kershaw

No Longer Human, Jacob Morris

Mal Bligh’s Dream, Jamie Derkenne

Another Man's Child, Elizabeth White

All Good Things, Catherine Panich

Miss Phillipa, Melanie Ifield

Hikikomori, Alice Maher

Persecution, Swarna Pinto

Week, Jodie Ramodien

Yellow, Aylish Dowsett

The Darkness and the Witch, Emily Langley

The Chameleon and the Tiger, Ellise Artery

Dirt, V.Y. Catto

Kingdom Animalia, Simon Emmerson

Hush Little Songbird, Sophie Ormshaw

Ode to Phineas Bunting, Anneliese Smith

Mr Rigby’s Elephant, Conrad Fuller

Neah Bay, Bryana Innis

Inchman, Stuart Neal

A Devil’s Favour, Matthew Byrnes

Ark Up, Roger Leigh

The Zoo, Michael Shamin

Shelter, Montana Luppino

Mary Conner, Robert Ewings

Noticing, Alison Hatzantonis

Amy, Felix Bailey

1956, Dannielle Parkes

Letters From A Lost Love, Cain Duncan

Guardians, Jessica Carmona

Luna, Jennifer Bolliger

I Want to Hold your Hands, Michele Piper

Caged, Shailee Robertson

Welcome to the Jungle, Claire Oxley

Sealskin, Emily Murrell

Nude Lipstick By Q.A.C, Jodie Ramodien

Platform 14, Gemma Boffa

Dependence Day, Arturo Alegre

Beau and the Beast, Annie Tooby

Liam and the Swan, Thomas Noss

Chasing Eve, Aylish Dowsett

Squinting Against the Sun, Laura Neill

Radio Face, Elizabeth White

The Girl Who Knew Too Much, Aylish Dowsett

The Wedding Eve, Alison Graham

After the Phoenix, Kirsten Oakley

Brief History of the Blood Curse, Celine Perczynski

Riot, Adele Sandercock

The Wave that Breaks, Tanya Davies

Along Enemy Lines, Jacqueline Greig

Crazy Norm, Teresa Peni

The Errand, Ramona Kennedy

Ketchup, Evangeline Hester

Mornings with Doves, Judith Mendoza-White

Fenced In, Mykayla Castle

The Rider, Sonia Lal

Drown Me Out, Salvatore Pedavoli

Paper Walls, Amelia Pike

Running On, Aleksandra Zaskalkina

The Deathless, Jeremy Nigro

Peak of Silence, Arran Paix

Hard of Hearing, Benjamin Hendrie

Yet Another Tuesday, Nicholas Lamberton

Do You Copy, Over?, Richard Duong

The Falcon, Emily Shaw

RS-6-001, Beatrice Phan

Stop Motion, Start Static, Meagan Dickerson

Bed of Lies, Domenica Seminara

The Surface of Arennah, Sebastian Sparrevohn

New Best Friends, Rowan Freeman

Voyager, Josef Pringle

Terminal Silence, Deng-Shan Caleb Lee

Rain with Distant Thunder, Emily Redknap

Tropical Bliss, Ariel Norris

Something Good, Clare Davies

Affliction, Emi Marriage

Patrol 4, Imogen Wiggins

With The Deepest Regret, I Wish To Inform You…, Sarah Joseph

Another Sense, Eilish Hendry

Harvest, Gianina Burlan

Peculiar Perception, Laura Treglown

In Your Head, Anneliese Downer

Cattails, Melody Reynauld

How To Sell A Baby, Katrina Vjestica

The Man Without A Heart, Ryan Hunter

The Turing Act, Stuart Madafiglio

The Quest for Sky, Joshua Kent

The Unlikely Existence of Wolf and Bird, Ailie Mackenzie

Target Number One, Cassandra Thomson

A Guiding Light, William Matthews

Can You See Ghosts?, Jamie Creswell

Swipe Left, Emma Burchett

Chaotic Children, Helen Glover

ALPHA, Bohdi Byles

Blue Sky City, Ja-Ann Lin

The Chosen One, James Douglas

Just My Luck, Alex Jackson

The Shadow, Suzin Lee

Emmeline, Isabella Brennan

Hollow Love, Brianna Sawyer

Intro to House-Ape Studies, Lachlan Marnoch

The Valley of Mortiro, Anisha Krishnasamy

Dead Man Walking, Iain Ross Catterall

Long Strange Trip, Luke Saunders

Stained Glass Window Cracks, Alexis Worthing

Twenty Percent, Jasmine Aird

The Back Door, Lilli de Kantzow

God’s Will, Hannah Pollard

Dress Me, Yixin Jiang

A Man in a Marriage, Olivia Newsome

Porcelain Dolls, Hannah Armstrong

After Life, Caitlyn Radice

Bad Girls, Suvi Derkenne

The Course of Empire, Mischa Parkee

Wednesday, Bridget Corke

Harēna, Nicole Crichton

Morgan, Kimberley Milton

Live a Little, Laura Schwebel

Portrait of a Life in Watercolour, Daniel Bingham

Black Sandman, Chelsea Ainsworth

Andromeda Bounty Crew, Rhiannon Heggie

Vainthrow, Nicolas Fuentes

The Uselessness of Aversion, Erica Genda

>Delete File: Y/N?, Sheriden Goldie

Bright Star, Emma Stubley

Misguided, Ben Lawrence

Heart of the Storm, Jacqui Chami

Weathering the Storm, Claire Jones

The Nightlight, Kate Dawson

Asklepios, Claire Catacouzinos

Twenty Seconds, Charlotte Smith

Soul 3396, Hannah Bell

The Valley, Anna Blackie

As We Go On, Mary Lou Raposa

Robota, Alice Maher

Dignity Estranged, Christopher Norris

Pass Over, Alec Mallia

Lansdowne, David Nolan

Phantom, Rabeah Zafrullah

We all fall down, Catrin Shaw

Surviving Loneliness, Timothy Hirons

Paris The Incorrigible, Elise Robertson

Queues and Robbers, Jonathan Grew

Bad Faith, Christopher Grady

Dasvidaniya, Claudia Frazer

Ring a Rosies, Lucy Ross

Lost For Words, Michael Cook

Eye Opening, Crystal Gralton

Where Light Doesn't Exist, Alex Chambers

Deda's Secret, Melinda Wardlaw

The Ring's Travellers, Shannah Connell

Liminality, Amy Garpendal

Attached, Elín Kristjánsdóttir

Day Dreaming, Kendall King

D's Repairs, Brooklyn Andrews

The Emperor's Path, Nicholas Wasiliev

Engines in Space, Peter Dickison

Picking Pockets, Elise Fowler

Contrary Crescent, Sonia Fedyczkowski

The Worst Kind of Pain, Ceyda Erem

Song For A Dragon, Caldonia O'Leary

Shrouds Without Pockets, Julian Knight

Singledom, J. Juarez

Lost, Ashna Mehta

Stifle, Beatrice Ross

Rip the Stitches, Jacqueline Bunn

The Tree, Catherine Hughes

From Shattering, Ally Bodnaruk

A Void Dance, Suzanne Strong

From Young Warrior, Jacqueline Brown

Brave New World, Rebecca Fraser

From Slipstream, Kylie Nealon

Grace's Room, Emma Dorreen

From What She Knew, Vanessa Ryan

Winter Jam, Judith Mendoza-White

Cold Current, Melissa Farrell

From Xenoglossia, Tianqi Li

Golden Drachmas, Claire Catacouzinos

From Desert Rose, Kristine Barrett

Five Loose Screws, Jamie Derkenne

To Which We Build Our Pyres - William Williams

Against the Sun - Sarah von Bock

The Emerald Dress - Benjamin Traynor

Birth of the Tetrapods - Branighan Swan

The S.E.E.D Project - Maxine Sundic

A Fine Shiraz Dripping All the Way Down My Chin - Jack Cameron Stanton

Seed of Doubt - Paul Soper

The Taking Tree - Naomi Shen

Kingdom Come - Nathan Ruch

Dragon - Kathryn Robson

Make-Shift Heart - Kristen Rinaudo

In Small Spaces - Rachelle Pike

She is Yours - Johanna Miller

The Pearl and The Oyster - Angela Metri

Unborn Waking - Joshua McInnes

A Wish Away - Lyndall McAuley

Pulsing Nightlife: A Vamp Noir Story - Matthew McAnally

Red - Nicholas Mayfield

The Last Last War - Holly Marsh

Pyramid Dragon Hunter - Guy Lamy

Limited Space - David Ivanovic

Her Place - Joshua Hodge

Give It Time - Renata Hercok

Never Validly Married - Kyra Geddes

Love Again - Karina Ferrone

Black and White - Rachel Farnham

The Beginning - Nicola Donovan

Contagious - Jing Chin

Arabica - Maxina Burnet-Darwin

Chilli - Tenzin Bereny

Temporal Echo - Andrew Barker

Shading Between the Lines - Jeremy Barakat

GED - Tara Aguiar

Pioneers, Natascha Wiegand

The Narrator, Melissa Farrell

The Sideboard, Patrick Pearson

Taras’ Parthenians, Claire Catacouzinos

Skyfall, Stephen Henry

Dancing Shoes..., Suzanne Strong

Leporine, Alexandra Parsons

All His Dead, Judith Mendoza-White

A White Arm, Hiroki Kosuge

Absolution, Leigh Coyle

Falling, Willo Drummond

Custodian, Lindsey Hodder

The White Line, Cassie Hamer

From When the Dust Settles, Ellen A. Williams

The Great Roaring Noise, Bruce Naylor

Peroxide and the Doppelganger, Rebecca Fraser

From Fae’s Labyrinth, Eva Matheson

When the World Turned Grey, Lynda A. Calder

From Slipstream, Kylie Nealon

From Didus Ineptus, Cassandra Cochrane

Please Leave a Message, Eva Lo

Clarke’s Third Law, Hannah McNicholas

Bad Blood, Nicola Moriarty

Poppy, Jessica Sheridan

When Adam Found God Under the Kitchen Sink, Toby Wools-Cobb

Pieces Apart, Shannon Baker

Broken Lines, Christopher Suffield

Joshua & 1000 Words, two works, Aidan Wondracz

Nicki, Vivienne Psaila

Burdens, Olivia Whenman

Greyhound, Jeff Thomson

Outburst, Charlotte Marsh

Drift, Elizabeth Laird

The Great Divide, Antony Pincombe

Underside, Dennisse Ruaix

Flowers and Tea, Grace Mitchell

The Belle of Belfast City, Elizabeth Mead

Flying, Janet Holst

Time to Talk, Ramona Hester

Seeking Sky from Rooftops, Angie Rega

Time Lost, Jamie Derkenne

The Riders, Helen Meany

To Fall At Your Feet, John Elder

The Time Machine, Elizabeth Robson

Primal, Alexandra Parsons

The Tin Man, Leigh Coyle

Direct Line, Lauren Armbruster

Playing Catch-up, Kylie Nealon

Enshrouded, Madeline Falovic

from Fragile Skins, Filipa Bellette

The Problem with Lily, Monica Purcell

Storm Sounds, Alexandra Bodnaruk

Mourning Sickness, Andie Ryan

Strawberries in Africa, Rebecca Dawborn

Apples & Old Spice, Joseph Sheehan

Helike, Claire Catacouzinos

Weight in Gold, Illya Lugovoy

The Chameleon People, Glaiza Perez

The Thief and His Daughter, Alexander Cavenett

Sins of the Father, Cameron Edmond

Babylon Bwoy, Adrian Cordina

Fidei Defensor, Cameron Wood

Co’viri & Sera, Joshua Spudic

Tunnel of Madness, Todd Newton