A Soothe of Monsters

You may choose to escape
your life,
cast away your world
to succeed you go
without light, no shadow will be cast
your talent would be
suitably rewarded
a contemplative nature
the only person in the world

a person you love
something you recognise
one wonderful
a display of love and affection
charm and courtesy
you are happy
a candle for the night

to warn

something may choose to eat you
you may choose to find a way to escape
this is no choice of yours

for nature is a display
of light and shadow
one will succeed
one, cast to the night

no one escapes nature
the wisdom of the world
for life to eat life
to succeed

no peaceful display, but a wonderful one
your talents to find something to eat,
you will be suitably rewarded. be
analytical, budget your good nature, cast out
your affection

but you are one with your nature
you recognised the shadow
cast with the candle
is good, a contemplative light

the wisdom to love that light
to charm the shadow
will turn your attention within
to find a peaceful life

with a good plan, you would make a good life
something with charm, a lawyer?
no, but your talents will be recognised, rewarded
you stay present, no detail escapes your attention

you would make a contemplative person
happy with, happy without
you make your way in the world
in love with the present

but, the present is a courtesy
your attention escapes the present, to
make plans. Stay present, find a way to
choose the present.
plans, life is plans, plans plans

no plans in nature
no plans but to eat
to eat is to be present
to eat, is a love

this love, to eat, to succeed,
the night we would make, to be present
would this be a good life,
a world you would love?
A night with no shadow..


Fortunes from Hong Sing Foo Fortunes Cookies

Jackson “Jackie Belle” Rushe is an author, poet, and artist from sleepy, little Adelaide. He moved to Sydney and now considers himself a man of the world. He likes to experiment with form and content in different mediums, with lofty goals for his literature and his travels; he often says, Icarus didn’t go hard enough.