Partially Mine, Sharon Johnston

We talk He laughs i smile Preemptive aura hits Déjà vu His eyes plead i know it’s coming So does he Then he’s gone Disappears from reality Trapped somewhere in his mind No longer mine A vacant stranger He stumbles Falls i reach Brace his body against my own Heavy struggle i lower him to […]

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The Results are in, Jasmine Giuliani

Our fate sealed with handshakes between coal soot tycoons and media moguls and big banks and fear-mongers and bigots and slippery dealings and hateful concessions and business as usual. The echo of humanity no longer brings comfort or false hope on a sleepless night where the minority in white towers do not stand alone, no, […]

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Two Thumbs Make Butterfly Wings, Eva Matheson

Everyone does it, not a big deal. It was bound to happen sooner or later. I want to see the kids, the grandkids, I want to stay in touch with old friends. It’s time to spread my social media butterfly wings. Create a username… I’ll use the same password I use for everything… Hello, Facebook. […]

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