Smothered – Anna Tewson




The door rumbles

as voices ascend

Casting shadows

through the cracks

The sun tosses it open

flooding the waiting room.

A silhouette awaits

inviting me into

the sun bleached office.


Within the room

A framed image

A strangler


Roots binding

host within

Winding up the trunk

Thickening as it


Stretching beyond

Soaking sunlight

Inside the chamber

the tree



Below the image

the silhouette waits



The chair too big

My ever-shrinking frame

consumed by

sticky leather


begin creeping,

latching on

Shallow breath

Pounding core

The roots

they weave


Swallowing my chest.



Unable to control

Mind incoherent,

body entombed.


Evening Whispers


The ball of weight

finds its place

At the top of his head

pressing down

It moves his eyelids

The city lights flashing

on and off



A puppeteer

pulling strings

A little less serotonin here.


His limbs droop over

the aching deck chair

Like the branches out front

Lifeless until they are



The branches stir

Their fingers twitching

Imitating movements

of a force,



The sticky summer afternoon

turns to a blustery eve

as hot air rises


impenetrable clouds

They rumble and



A startling array

of nature’s fireworks

A flash,

shortly after,

a crack

The branches thrust

to life.

Lightning charges

The roots

A surge of energy

Throbbing through

Its core.


The ball of weight

morphs into a being

of lightness

It travels

down his neck

along his spine

Reaching his stomach

where warmth resides.


He stretches

the heaviness


The sky clears

The smell of eucalyptus

cuts through the damp

the dank

He hangs over the balcony

His laughter penetrates

the city hum.

Anna Tewson

Anna Tewson is studying writing at Macquarie University. She writes poetry and short stories, and enjoys blending elements of the metaphysical with the real. Anna aspires to use the skills learned in her degree to open an all-inclusive space for the public, in which they can tell new and different stories through writing, drama and music.

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