To Which We Build Our Pyres – William Williams

The gods were greedy. Cub picks his way across the Pile. The remains of religious worship is accumulated in mounds all around him. Wafts of incense blow in drifts, fires fan in the horizon, and the city sits like a jewel in the middle of it all.

The Japanese Bridge – Jenna Wassell

The lens focused; the shutter swirled open and, as I released my finger from the button, snapped shut. Click. I lowered the camera and gaped. The branches descended like herringbone over the pond below, while the viridescent leaves reflected across the glassy surface. I edged closer, seeing the clusters of water lilies that hovered in […]

Against the Sun – Sarah von Bock

The boy was only one-thousand, eight-hundred and twenty-five suns old when his first leaf, a true evergreen, was cut from his skin. The sun filtered through the glass in warped patterns that day, shining light sporadically around the pediatrics unit. The room was overzealously packed with positively charged colours, pamphlets, and posters showing happy little […]

The Emerald Dress – Benjamin Traynor

Richard found himself alone save only for the snow, slowly falling from the sky and landing on the ground around him and the exposed skin of his outstretched hands. It did not seem to Richard to be snow at all as, though he was dressed only in a light jacket and shorts, there was not […]

Smothered – Anna Tewson

  Smothered   The door rumbles as voices ascend Casting shadows through the cracks The sun tosses it open flooding the waiting room. A silhouette awaits inviting me into the sun bleached office.   Within the room A framed image A strangler Fig Roots binding host within Winding up the trunk Thickening as it strengthens […]

The Parable of the Sower – Jacob Tarasenko

  The first few fell and found hard ground become a glaciated plane there in arid wait to lay exposed their potential verdure stemmed and then a sable swooping billow blew up and upwards out of hell bent on death and brought with it a Screwtape cotérie composed of shades and wraiths and revenants with […]

Birth of the Tetrapods – Branighan Swan

Lincoln was planted fully formed on a special acreage. Special because it was where land had first begun. Lincoln was special because he was the beginning of the tetrapods. In him was seeded the duty to produce vast examples of life on land, to give life to many kinds of children and send them off […]

The S.E.E.D Project – Maxine Sundic

FS73 Diary entry NO.1 – Hi. Well this is awkward. My username is FS73 and I guess this is my diary. I am a crew member aboard the Strota; an agricultural carrier that has been on a forty three year-long mission. As of yesterday our cargo has been secured, so that means we’re headed home. […]

A Fine Shiraz Dripping All the Way Down My Chin – Jack Cameron Stanton

I had survived three days without cigarettes or alcohol, and I wasn’t about to quit now. I was with Sophie in a pub that had greasy stain-glass windows and a bar made of rotting wood and the most soulless country crackling out of the jukebox. She ordered another fine bottle of Shiraz. My perspiring palms […]

Seed of Doubt – Paul Soper

Chiquitita, sabes muy bien . . . Alyssa’s ringtone – the result of a one-time, half-hearted desire to learn Spanish – awoke her from a deep sleep. Of all the Spanish songs in the world, why had she chosen an ABBA one? Making a mental note to change the damn thing as soon as possible, […]