Smothered – Anna Tewson

  Smothered   The door rumbles as voices ascend Casting shadows through the cracks The sun tosses it open flooding the waiting room. A silhouette awaits inviting me into the sun bleached office.   Within the room A framed image A strangler Fig Roots binding host within Winding up the trunk Thickening as it strengthens […]

The Parable of the Sower – Jacob Tarasenko

  The first few fell and found hard ground become a glaciated plane there in arid wait to lay exposed their potential verdure stemmed and then a sable swooping billow blew up and upwards out of hell bent on death and brought with it a Screwtape cotérie composed of shades and wraiths and revenants with […]

Lilting – Kelly Rae Olander

  Prior to an exploration of the subconscious   The apprehension of ghoulish things transpiring, burgeoning like dandelions perennial like bamboo.   Kindred   Allow me to unravel upon you – words eluding the eel-sweeping snarl the lily-reeds knot lined, not alone the fine entanglements inside the cadence of my heart’s disclosure, falter My finger-tips […]

Feed – Grace Liley

  The World   Blinking bachelorettes in the Mama Mia sum up of last night’s events keep scrolling Newsfeed what other posts do you suggest I see? Dan’s dad in speedos snapping unsuspecting ex-athletes and selfies in between laps grinning at winter behind its back and then white font is shouting my name in front […]

Shoots of Jim and the Night Sky – JW N Douglas

Most nights Jim finds it hard to sleep for more than a couple of hours at a stretch—he’s seventy. He’d bargain that slippery sleep’s an old man’s lot. Adding to tonight’s fun, arthritis wrings his neck. Also, Jim’s slippers have gone off by themselves to guard the gloom beneath a better man’s bed. Jim (as […]