Death Day, Louise Douglas

1. TELEVISION SET. DAY. 1 Quick succession of television talk shows and news clippings.   NEWS REPORTER Growing concerns surrounding the protest today-   NEWS REPORTER 2 Fights broke out in Washington D.C. as-   TELEVISION TALK SHOW ATTENDANT It’s absurd! You’re condemning people to die!   TELEVISION TALK SHOW OPPONENT You’re condemning people to […]

Self-Extinction – Emerson Cassidy

FADE IN: EXT. DESERT – ASTRONOMICAL DAWN                           1 An open, dry desert plain. Small, dry shrubs that cling to the ground make up the only life in sight. It is dawn and the sky is just beginning to lighten. Stars disappear from the horizon as the faint, glistening light of the sun slowly creeps […]

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Us In January – Steven O’Mara

FADE IN: EXT. – CARPARK – DAY                                      1   Summer sun beats down on the bitumen. ALANA (26) and KATE (22) lean against the hood of a beat up old Corolla. Alana is taking drags from a cigarette. They stare down the concrete monolith in front of them. An imposing building which says ‘Stillgrove Medical […]

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Z Ambiguity – Vicky Martin

                                                  FADE IN:  INT. CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY. CONFERENCE ROOM. MORNING     1 The red-tinged and wacky scientist, PROFESSOR ZACHARY, 52, marches into the noisy conference room. His presence attracts the attention of everyone. He takes out […]

Whitewash – Elizabeth Hobart

                                             FADE IN:   INT. PUBLIC INDOOR SWIMMING POOL. EARLY MORNING      1 The public pool is a harsh contrast of white and diluted blue. Three youths in their early 20s – ELLA, TEGAN […]

Becoming A Tree – Domenic Cuda

                                               FADE IN: TITLE:”Becoming a Tree”   INT. CLASSROOM, COMMUNITY COLLEGE. NIGHT.      1 A group of 10-15 men sit in a classroom making shy, small talk with one another. Most of these men either have the appearance […]

The Artist, Ashley Ward

  1. INT. CLASSROOM – AFTERNOON An American HIGH SCHOOL CLASSROOM occupies rows of small, vacant desks. A groomed TEACHER with a striped tie enters with two teenagers and a magazine under his arm. SIMON, a teenage lanky thing with large round glasses, heads to a desk at the back of the room. He sits, […]

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Charge, Jonathan Pastolero – Yin

1. EXT. STREET PATH. DAY Rushing rain hits the pavement. Dark clouds cast a shadow over the entire suburb.At first, the street seems desolate. A bicycle light fading on and off can be seen making its way up from the distance of the footpath. NORA, a sixteen year old girl, breathes heavily as she pedals […]

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Fallibility, Benjamin Hutton

1. INT. PRESENT DAY ROGER’S HOUSE. LIVING ROOM. NIGHT The living room is dark with intermittent light from the old CRT television showing THE TIME MACHINE. Dust covers old family PHOTOS that line the walls. They feature a young man with his wife by his side and daughter on his shoulders. Another photo is of […]


The Morbid Paintings, Mat Groom

1. INT. OPULENT INNER CITY APARTMENT, HALLWAY. NIGHT ELIZABETH (mid 40s, immaculately presented) walks down a hallway, decorated with only a small table with a minimalist vase on it, and a cross hanging on the wall above. She has a basket of clothes in her arms. RICHARD (o/s) Liz! Come to bed, honey! ELIZABETH Just […]