Self-Extinction – Emerson Cassidy

FADE IN: EXT. DESERT – ASTRONOMICAL DAWN                           1 An open, dry desert plain. Small, dry shrubs that cling to the ground make up the only life in sight. It is dawn and the sky is just beginning to lighten. Stars disappear from the horizon as the faint, glistening light of the sun slowly creeps […]

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Us In January – Steven O’Mara

FADE IN: EXT. – CARPARK – DAY                                      1   Summer sun beats down on the bitumen. ALANA (26) and KATE (22) lean against the hood of a beat up old Corolla. Alana is taking drags from a cigarette. They stare down the concrete monolith in front of them. An imposing building which says ‘Stillgrove Medical […]

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