Z Ambiguity – Vicky Martin

                                                  FADE IN:  INT. CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY. CONFERENCE ROOM. MORNING     1 The red-tinged and wacky scientist, PROFESSOR ZACHARY, 52, marches into the noisy conference room. His presence attracts the attention of everyone. He takes out […]

Whitewash – Elizabeth Hobart

                                             FADE IN:   INT. PUBLIC INDOOR SWIMMING POOL. EARLY MORNING      1 The public pool is a harsh contrast of white and diluted blue. Three youths in their early 20s – ELLA, TEGAN […]

Becoming A Tree – Domenic Cuda

                                               FADE IN: TITLE:”Becoming a Tree”   INT. CLASSROOM, COMMUNITY COLLEGE. NIGHT.      1 A group of 10-15 men sit in a classroom making shy, small talk with one another. Most of these men either have the appearance […]