Rorka, Rohan Viswalingam

Blood be the body Surging in it and out of it Dribbling over the dimming eyes Separating those eyes   Sending the fire out of the mind Spurting it out of the head Giving the body supremacy over the city Drenching the windows in a fiery dark   The unmixable smoke It penetrates the body […]

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Being: Mark Four, Melanie Adams

I.   The winter of ’92 had infected my mother with its frosty failure It clutched her womb with barren hands She haemorrhaged a me, mark three.   With a grievous contraction, she expelled The coagulated nothing Spurned by her body.   The stab was familiar.   In 1980, first blood seeped from her young […]

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The Answer To That, Sir, Is Nothing, Georgia Buley

There’s a matchbook, in case I want to set myself alight. It didn’t happen yesterday, nor the day before— My cheeks were wet so the sparks can’t catch— But one day. Maybe.             But there is no lighter. It’s the only bright light in this sea of addictions; I’ve never sought to taste death on […]

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Solid Sand and Broken Water, Hannah Baker

i. He had soft sage and lavender fingers When his mother took him up the estuary To his brother’s tiny grave. Her first-born, She told him, still-born, but still borne. For months she carried him, thinking only Of his potential, then lost him like a limb.   Suddenly become a second son, He doesn’t feel […]

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