Inchman, Stuart Neal

Joshua watched as his mum, Bernadette, plugged in the cracked kettle. He sat on a stool on the other side of their small kitchen, with his head leaning back against the wall. She pushed the button down to start it boiling, the circle around it glowing a faint orange before failing. The pain began to […]

Night Cry, Freshta Nawabi

I. we were lying in bed, me and my sister, when we heard the cry of a Baby Bird splinter the space between us (in the other room, mum and baba were screaming) it was storming, that night. Rain bounced off the roof like translucent marbles, shimmering then gone. (i think i heard my mother […]

Inveterate Tongue, Timothy Sharp

To see Timothy’s poem with its original formatting download the PDF below!

Compagnon pour la vie, Alyssa Byrnes

A first date, suit and tie, black and white her name is Adélie. She stands, in a beautiful dress, similar colours across her breast taking my breath, we dance. Pink shoes on her feet, her laugh so sweet how fortunate to meet are we. Seafood platters, we waddle, getting fatter our way back home, where […]

A Devil’s Favour, Matthew Byrnes

You seem like the kind of human that likes stories. You’re willing to come into my domain, to sit attentively and try and gain just a little bit more knowledge about things you can’t understand. You know, I remember not so long ago, demons were things people wanted to stay away from. But here you […]

Ark Up, Roger Leigh

Joshua felt like he had sat under this solitary tree forever. He pulled his ragged shawl around himself and lifted his head to listen to the wind howl through the branches.  It was his eighth day on field assignment and, much as he enjoyed watching the humans, he was counting the hours until he could […]

Parkland, Melissa Bartel

My lens twinkles as it takes in the unfolding scene before me. Never before had it seen such a vast array of creatures huddled so closely together in nature. A 7×20 ought to do the trick. I observe my favourite to start off my parkland excursion. Corvus coronoides – known by its English name as […]

The Zoo, Michael Shamin

“He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man.” Dr Johnson “Beneath the surface of every one of these fallen men lies the beast inside them; it is as if in each of them is the point of intersection where some animal species meets humanity.” Victor Hugo As […]

Shelter, Montana Luppino

5:00pm. closing time. Spot’s brown paw flipped the closing sign. Though it was time to close the shelter it wouldn’t be long before Scarlet Ebony arrived for her scheduled appointment. Though Spot did all he could to avoid her appointments it was inevitable since she was the only source of money keeping the shelter afloat. […]

Mary Conner, Robert Ewings

Shots rang through the woodlands. Mighty horses kicked up the dirt, heedless of the underbrush and overhanging branches. Their riders crouched low and clamped tight with their knees. They followed the howls of the hounds. Their noses pointed straight ahead, flying through the grass, hot on the chase. A quarter mile ahead a small brown […]