Loud Crashes and Booms, Annabelle Serisier

Trotting rain pounded the tin roof in a deafening rhythm Puffs of dust exploded as drops hurled from A sky furious with drought Black and grey bubbled against the fuchsia of the afternoon sky Streaks of light shot through clouds As the sun became a hidden nucleus of light caught within a churning darkness And […]

Night Cry, Freshta Nawabi

I. we were lying in bed, me and my sister, when we heard the cry of a Baby Bird splinter the space between us (in the other room, mum and baba were screaming) it was storming, that night. Rain bounced off the roof like translucent marbles, shimmering then gone. (i think i heard my mother […]

Inveterate Tongue, Timothy Sharp

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Compagnon pour la vie, Alyssa Byrnes

A first date, suit and tie, black and white her name is Adélie. She stands, in a beautiful dress, similar colours across her breast taking my breath, we dance. Pink shoes on her feet, her laugh so sweet how fortunate to meet are we. Seafood platters, we waddle, getting fatter our way back home, where […]