Noticing, Alison Hatzantonis

Spring Have you noticed? Did you smell it? The wattle is out. That unmistakeable scent is in the air, but just a whiff as it is only beginning to flower, the perfume not yet overpowering. Did you notice the tickle in your nose, the slightest sniff?  It’s starting, hayfever season. Did you hear the whipbirds? […]

Amy, Felix Bailey

Amy awoke in a cold stupor. The hardest effort was to open her eyes the first time, when the dizziness was still letting her go. Something had pierced her thoughts, a pain growing, and now seemed to linger, bringing her head to sway like a bauble on a loose fitting. She blinked away crusts of […]

1956, Dannielle Parkes

Elizabeth’s Dior heel struck the pavement, igniting a frenzy of flashing lights in her direction. The press swarmed around the private jet, their beady eyes devouring every inch of the actress. Her fitted evening dress didn’t shy away from her curves, and the low plunge lured their lustful eyes. An orchestra of shutters clicking, and […]

Letters From A Lost Love, Cain Duncan

Dearest Eliza, The roof caved in yesterday—and would you believe, the entire household slept through it all! The howling wind of the coast is such a constant companion that it drowned out the crack of splintering beams and plaster. We woke up this morning to a layer of rainwater. It spread glistening over the freshly […]

Guardians, Jessica Carmona

It was not often that the ocean approached them with a quest. She was not one for intervention, more inclined to allow the ebb and flow to take its own course. Yet, as she appeared before them now, they could only see distress within her waves. This was a side of her that they had […]

Luna, Jennifer Bolliger

My lap human had gotten fat, it wasn’t the soft squishy type of fat that was comfortable to sleep on. This type of fat was the ballooning of the tummy which looked ready to pop if I tapped her with my claw. Once I had gotten around the stomach, I found there was still some […]

I Want to Hold your Hands, Michele Piper

November 29th 1963 WARNING TO ALL PARENTS, PLEASE KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR DAUGHTERS! KEEP THEM AWAY FROM ALL BEATLES MUSIC. NATIONAL PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT If your child displays the following symptoms, please contact the police Mood swings Shrieking/squealing Abdominal pain Blood lust Tiredness Growing of limbs Isolation/lack of communication Mutation The Australian government is […]

Caged, Shailee Robertson

She stared outside of her small window that she had to kneel on a chair just to see out of. The window was placed unnaturally high, and nearly impossible for even her tall figure to see out of. Valerie watched the other kids from her street run after each other with large smiles plastering their […]

Welcome to the Jungle, Claire Oxley

Rex’s Tuesday morning went slow, but he enjoyed it, nonetheless. He woke up with the sun and went for a walk, always interested in all the new sights, sounds, and smells of the new day. He caught the train into the city instead of driving; he never invested in a car as he enjoyed being […]

Sealskin, Emily Murrell

The sea hurled itself against the rocks. Water thrashed and churned, white foam flashing against steely waves. Thick clouds gathered on the horizon. On the beach, two figures walked alone along the shoreline. ‘These seas are dangerous, Eisla. You be sure not to go out there alone, especially when the tides are coming in.’ Mairi […]