NiKKi, Hiroki Kosuge

18th April, 2014 Church I went to church on Good Friday. A man standing by the lectern preached about the importance of choice in our lives. Then, we sang a hymn. Every single believer but me sang pretty well. The preacher said, ‘Anyone interested, please come over here.’ The believers flooded to the lectern. They […]

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Badu Mangrove Morning, Willo Drummond

When the sun hits the surface of the Badu morning do you know what must be done?   When the sun hits the surface of what must be done fish wake to feed river and ocean   river fish feed shore birds training ironic eyes to assess the day   shore birds assess the Badu […]

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Here was one, Victoria Brookman

Here was one who breathed who laughed who yearned.   Who birthed. Who fed.   Sweated in the heat and shivered in the cold.   Gazed mindlessly at supermarket shelves, decision fatigue closing in.   Who ironed and refused.   Who burnt a few dinners, triumphed at the pav.   Here was one who yelled […]

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Crossroads, Alix Rochaix

  I What is it about the small hours? Those between say, 2.00 am and 4.00 am? ‘These hours are as small as a human heart — with no hope left in it.’ No. Too tragic. ‘These are the hours in which to unleash a dam burst of … creative agony.’ Worse. I (for one) […]

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A Murky Etheree, Laura Gerges

Black more brown brownish black cover me in yellow waterfalls. Look beyond my dark soul dare to lick my tarty back lest you discover slavery oozes out of your ancestors’ pores exposing your lingering bloody past.   Download a pdf of A Murky Etheree

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