Crossroads, Alix Rochaix

  I What is it about the small hours? Those between say, 2.00 am and 4.00 am? ‘These hours are as small as a human heart — with no hope left in it.’ No. Too tragic. ‘These are the hours in which to unleash a dam burst of … creative agony.’ Worse. I (for one) […]

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Here was one, Victoria Brookman

Here was one who breathed who laughed who yearned.   Who birthed. Who fed.   Sweated in the heat and shivered in the cold.   Gazed mindlessly at supermarket shelves, decision fatigue closing in.   Who ironed and refused.   Who burnt a few dinners, triumphed at the pav.   Here was one who yelled […]

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To Live in the Memory, Lynda A. Calder

‘It is better to live in the memory of two or three than to be mourned & forgotten by all the world. Remembrance is a golden chain time tries to break.’ — Recorded in the back of Illuminated Scripture Text Book belonging to Ada Bladwell (nee Mitchell)   At the front of a sandstone Gothic […]

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Winter Jam, Judith Mendoza-White

One By the time I had climbed up the first flight of stairs I already knew that Julián had hit rock-bottom. The odour of rancid food and urine worked its way into my nostrils as it had carved its way into the walls decades before. While I kept climbing up the steps one at a […]

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Cold Current, Melissa Farrell

She still dreams of him. They are always at the beach house, the soundtrack of the ocean thundering in the distance. The light is unusually bright, creating a shimmering incandescence. When he comes to her, his hair is wet from the sea and she can taste the saltiness of him. He will hold her close […]

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Revelations from my German Woman’s Household Manual, Kerry Behrendt

Rapünzchen, a diminutive of Rapunzel, is a German name for lamb’s lettuce or field salad, a common winter green in Europe, but rare in Australia. I love it. It has a nutty, tangy, very distinct flavour. The leaves of baby spinach look somewhat similar, but the flavour is quite different and their relationship as salad […]

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From Xenoglossia, Tianqi Li

It was 1960, the height of the Cultural Revolution, a time when people had to recite something from The Quotation of Chairman Mao before they opened their mouth. Ju woke up from an accident and found himself speaking English, a language that could only be learned by outstanding Communist party members or cunning national traitors. […]

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Golden Drachmas, Claire Catacouzinos

Thasians wrestle with malleable metals. They mine, smelt, mint, and tend to hot furnaces, wrought with much toil. They are iron-willed smiths like Hephastios, forger of the three-forked thunderbolts. They should be equal to other Hellenic cities; but why has Athens seized their markets and a gold mine at Thrace? Why do the Athenians’ believe […]

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From Desert Rose, Kristine Barrett

Desert Rose is a realistic fiction piece that is primarily set in the central national forests of Arizona, North America. Samara’s father, Steven Banik, has been found dead inside his lapidary business in Gerringong after a suspicious fire. While Samara grieves and tries to make sense of her family’s secrets, she begins to unravel the […]

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A Murky Etheree, Laura Gerges

Black more brown brownish black cover me in yellow waterfalls. Look beyond my dark soul dare to lick my tarty back lest you discover slavery oozes out of your ancestors’ pores exposing your lingering bloody past.   Download a pdf of A Murky Etheree

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