On the Breaking Down of Leaves, & (Not a) Big Deal, Lauren Forner

On the Breaking Down of Leaves Your tangled intricate lacemore finely-spunand delicateas you waste away –emaciated –in your attempt to sustainthose around you. Your fall is soft and noiselessa sail to a forest floor,your sacrificeunnoticedand your gold skeletal remainsincomparable tothe bright and gaudy bloomsthat shootfrom your slow melt into the earth. Glossy foliageand scented stamens;nature’s […]

Spring where you can see it during Covid-19, M. Tara Crowl

I live here now, in my old country houseWith the barn out backI fold clothesEmpty the dishwasherTake dirty diapers straight out to the big plastic bin(No more diaper pail; the mice got in)I pitch, to no availMy stories go nowhereNeither do I Some days, the sun comes out to green the grassCrocuses wave fingers through […]

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Inside a Sunless Sea, Tanya Lake

The bottom fell outOf my pants the other day.In Wuhan provinceA black swan dived.I tightened my belt,then took a stumbleAnd all across the worldWe heard the rumbleOf turbulent skiesClosing inInside a sunless sea.

#2020, Hiroki Kosuge

I wish Iwere a bird thatdoesn’t know acage. This Ark toowill sink, butwe will allsurvive. You willfloat if youhave a pair of healthylungs. Exhale,inhale,shout andhide. We aremere fugitives nomatter where wego. Let the onewho has never beensaddened throw thefirst stone at me. Give meanotherglass offire. The paradiseis alwaysdrawn inpointillism. See my sisterwho is still happilyin […]