#18 Editorial Team


We are proud to introduce the Editorial Team for Issue #18 of The Quarry!



Kimberley Carter

Project Manager, Communications Officer, Graphic Designer & Editor

Kimberley is a final year creative writing student. She enjoys
experimenting with various storytelling techniques, though not all experiments are successful. Working on Issue #18 of The Quarry was a special experience and a welcome challenge to create something unique and engaging for the readers to enjoy. She is hoping to pursue a career in publishing. 


Natasha Pawley

Social Media, Poetry Editor & Editoral Co-Writer

Natasha is an english and creative writing student completing her final year. She loves to write and read experimental short fiction and poetry. Her favourites authors and books are Ali Smith (how to be both), Virginia Woolf (To the Lighthouse) and Brandon Sanderson (The Stormlight Archives).


Selin Aydogar

Social Media, Editor 

Selin is a fourth-year creative writing student. She’s an aspiring writer, book lover and dreamer who wishes she lived in a fantasy world. She hopes to make her mark in the book industry and see her world on the big screens.


Samuel Taylor

Social Media, Graphic Designer, Editor & Editorial Co-Writer

Sam Courtney-Taylor is a creative writing student at Macquarie University with a love of horror, fantasy, and comedy fiction, and a slight manga addiction. He is also an insightful expert on frozen pizzas.


Nicholas Morrice

Editor & Editorial Co-Writer

Nicholas Morrice worked as an editor for issue 18 of The Quarry. He worked with both poets and fiction writers and he also helped to write the editorial.



Sofie Fernandez

Social Media, Graphic Designer & Poetry Editor

Sofie is studying creative writing at Macquarie University. She enjoys exposing the dark themes in well-known stories and is currently working on a collection of short stories that are subversions of classic fairy tales. When Sofie’s not writing, she’s thinking about writing, getting another tattoo and eating copious amounts of pineapple.


Chloe Louis


Chloe is on the home stretch of her creative writing degree. For her first workshop, she wrote children’s fiction on a whim and has not looked back since. Her nose is perpetually stuck in a book, but she managed to briefly break free and work on this year’s issue.


Izabel Smythe

Social Media & Editor

Izabel is in her final year of Creative Writing at Macquarie University. She loves all things art, fashion and music. Izabel enjoys walking around the neighbourhood in her free time, taking street photographs and never cuts flowers from the beautiful gardens she passes by.