Introducing the Editorial Team for Issue #17 of The Quarry

Susan Gallagher

Event Designer and Social Media Team

Originally from London, Sue moved to Sydney in 1994 to marry an Aussie and has been busy with journalism, public relations and raising two daughters in Sydney ever since. She recently completed a Masters in Creative Writing at Macquarie University and is excited to continue on her writing journey.

Emily Langley

Digital Content Management and Copyeditor

Emily is in her final year of her Bachelor of Arts in English at Macquarie University. She loves to write, specifically young adult fantasy, and aims to give the LGBTQ+ community the representation they deserve. She spends most her time reading, online shopping, and playing with makeup, and also hopes to publish a novel in the future.

Bethany Wamelink


Bethany is in her final year of an undergrad Arts degree majoring in Creative Writing. She loves reading crime thriller and historical fiction and has a passion for writing and assisting others in their work. Bethany desires to pursue editing and hopefully publish her own writing in the future.

Mary Snowden


Mary is in her third and final year of her undergrad degree at Macquarie University, studying a Bachelor of Arts in English. She is passionate about editing and language, and has volunteered with a non-profit, TYB, for the past three years, proofreading their content. She interned this semester with The Quarry’s editorial team, and aspires to carve out a role in the editing and publishing industry.

Lana Chryssavgis

Social Media Team and Project Manager

Lana is currently finishing her Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in English Literature. She hopes to continue her studies by undertaking a Masters of Research in English next year. She spends her time frequenting bookstores, trying to keep her plants alive, and waiting for George R. R. Martin to finish the next A Song of Ice and Fire novel.

Alice Hatzantonis


Alison is a country born and bred, Sydney based writer currently in her third and final year of a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Creative Writing  at Macquarie University. Alison is a writer fond of the first-person narrative who often delves into her childhood to gain inspiration and add nostalgia to her creative short fiction.

Gemma Boffa

Digital Content Management and Copyeditor

Gemma is this close to graduating from her Creative Writing degree and becoming a fully-fledged adult. When she isn’t reading a Patrick Ness or Haruki Murakami novel, you might find her drinking a cup of coffee and working on her first novel.

Amara Hinchcliffe

Editor and Project Manager

Amara is a BMedia Writing graduate, currently studying her Master of Creative Writing. She loves reading, writing, and stories of all kinds.