How To Sell A Baby, Katrina Vjestica

Have you ever wondered how salesmanship works in 2089? Well, my friend, you’re in for a surprise. Gone are the days when you could buy groceries from a store without a salesman breathing down your neck. Gone are the days of free browsing. Gone are the days when you could adopt a puppy from a […]

The Man Without A Heart, Ryan Hunter

She had been looking at him all night. Quick, furtive glances from across the crowded bar before looking away again. Felix’s gaze jumped from patron to patron. He watched friends and co-workers laugh and chat. He spotted couples out on a date night and families coming together for a meal. But his gaze always returned […]

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The Turing Act, Stuart Madafiglio

‘Are you still free for dinner?’ Violet’s message ebbs into my brain as I cross the street, just a block away from my apartment. Protocol states that I should reply with a physical phone, but both my hands are loaded with groceries, so I roll a response around in my mind instead. ‘No, I do […]

The Quest for Sky, Joshua Kent

No longer do the heavens cast their gilded light in so broken a place. A place where great grey tendrils reach perilously to the lost skies. No longer does the grass shoot greenly in the fields, shrouded in ever-lasting cloud. Here, the rain tastes of poison and the trees bear ash in place of fruit. […]

The Unlikely Existence of Wolf and Bird, Ailie Mackenzie

For the honour of the family. That was what brought me here. That day, my mother caught me painting. Her face was dark as she slapped the brush from my hand. Do something useful, like your brother, she’d said. There’s a camp training women to be guards, I hear. She bundled me up with some […]

A Guiding Light, William Matthews

What truly remains of a mortal once they are touched by the stars? The Anucici of old passed tales that the world was shaped by heavenly bodies, that the stars came down from the heavens to sow the seeds of life on our world. The stars watched the seeds bloom, and rejoiced at the spectacle […]

Target Number One, Cassandra Thomson

‘You’ve got ten seconds to tell me where he is or I’ll blow your brains out…’ Wide-eyed and mouth agape, his body shakes under my grip. All colour drains from his face as he collides with the brick wall. The loaded gun at the side of his head doesn’t stop him from spitting ancient Russian […]

Can You See Ghosts?, Jamie Creswell

  Rio Linz was a mostly normal boy who lived a mostly normal life. He attended school and maintained average grades and was able to mostly keep himself out of trouble. He lived with his parents, both of whom worked. Everything about Rio was for the most part completely and utterly unremarkable. Save for one […]

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Swipe Left, Emma Burchett

‘I heard there’s an app now,’ Zoe said as the traffic light changed from red to green. ‘Did you,’ Nate said, entering the intersection and waiting to make the right hand turn. ‘Yeah. Sera told me.’ Zoe looked out the window. The steady stream of oncoming traffic continued, and the light turned amber. Proceed with […]

Chaotic Children, Helen Glover

‘Your children are jerks.’ ‘They’re still growing, and learning.’ ‘They’ve had three thousand years to grow. They’re jerks.’ The tips of Goblin’s spiky horns reddened. ‘Oh? And your children are any better?’ ‘Yes, of course!’ Elf shot back. She rose from her pearly throne, and stormed towards her brother. ‘They’re not murderers like your children.’ […]