#9 Editorial Team

The Quarry #9 Editorial Team


We are proud to introduce the Editorial Team for Issue #9 of The Quarry!


B.Lawrence Editor imageBen Lawrence

  • Project Manager, Assistant Technical Officer, Fiction Editor

Ben Lawrence worked as Project Manager alongside Emma Stubley on Issue #9 of The Quarry. He also worked as a Fiction Editor, and Assistant Technical Officer. His responsibilities included management of production timelines, running of editorial team meetings, editing of fiction pieces for the journal, and assisting in the technical process of formatting and uploading works to the online publication. Working in these roles for The Quarry has allowed Ben to develop his time management skills, teamwork and collaboration skills, editing capabilities, and his knowledge of online publishing platforms.


E.Stubley Editor ImageEmma Stubley

  • Project Manager, Social Media & Publicity Assistant, Fiction and Non-Fiction Editor

In Issue #9 of The Quarry, Emma Stubley worked as Project Manager alongside Ben Lawrence. She was also an Editor and an Assistant on the Social Media Team. In these roles, she was responsible for managing the editorial team and making sure deadlines were being met. This has allowed her to develop leadership and problem-solving skills. She edited and formatted fiction and non-fiction pieces as well as helping to create the social media strategy and promote the journal on Facebook and Twitter. Working on The Quarry, she has learned about the process of publishing an online journal.


M.Parkee Editor imageMischa Parkee

  • Communications Officer, Social Media & Publicity Assistant, Fiction and Poetry Editor, Fiction Editorial Co-Writer

Mischa Parkee spent her time working on Issue #9 of The Quarry developing her skills as an editor, and building on her knowledge of the publishing process. Her role as Communications Officer encouraged her to expand her ability to communicate efficiently within a team. As a dedicated member of the Social Media Team, Mischa was also able to enhance her understanding of marketing to a specific target audience, and develop her Tweeting skills. Her roles as co-writer for the Fiction Editorial, and as fiction and poetry editor enabled her to experience being part of the editing process, as well as giving her the space to strengthen her writing skills.


S.Goldie Editor ImageSheriden Goldie

  • Technical Lead, Communications Assistant, Fiction & Poetry Editor, Poetry Editorial Writer

Sheriden Goldie joined the Editorial team with the intention of developing her skills in editing, and learning new aspects of the writing and publishing process. Her contribution to The Quarry has centred around the technical aspects of website management, and using the WordPress platform to ensure a polished online publication. As Communications Assistant, she has been a link between teaching staff, students, and the Editorial Team. Sheriden is a fiction and poetry editor for this issue. She is also the writer of the Poetry Editorial.


S.Marar Editor ImageSatyajeet Marar

  • Social Media & Publicity Team Lead, Fiction Editor

Satya worked as a Fiction Editor and implemented the social media strategy for Issue #9 of The Quarry. During his time on the editorial team, he developed his team management, communication, editing and interpersonal skills as well as a keen eye for detail.

The Quarry gave me the opportunity to explore my passion for writing as well as a chance to apply my skills to the broader publishing industry and public relations field. Working with the team to deliver and promote the best product possible was an invaluable experience.”


N.Crichton Editor ImageNicole Crichton

  • Fiction, Non-Fiction & Script Editor, Main Editorial Writer

Nicole Crichton worked as an Editor for works of Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Script. Nicole also wrote the Main Editorial. Her responsibilities included helping students refine their writing to achieve their vision and promoting the diversity of pieces in The Quarry once it was live. She greatly enjoyed her time working to produce this issue, which refined her skills in editing, decision making, and communication.


V.Marin Editor ImageVictoria Marin

  • Fiction & Non-Fiction Editor, Non-Fiction Editorial Writer

Victoria Marin worked as an editor for both the fiction and non-fiction genres, as well as writing the non-fiction editorial. During her time at The Quarry, Victoria assisted the technical team in putting together Issue #9 of The Quarry, and worked as part of the social media team spreading the word about the remarkable writing coming from our young writers this year. The opportunity helped her further develop her writing practice, editing and communication skills, and online publishing knowledge. The Quarry is her most proud achievement at University, both of herself and her talented peers.

‘Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort,’ – Franklin D. Roosevelt.


E.Genda Editorial ImageErica Genda

  • Cover Artist, Social Media & Publicity Assistant, Non-Fiction Editor, Script Editorial Writer

Erica Genda worked within The Quarry editing team as an editor for Non-Fiction pieces, and as the Script Editorial writer. Her passion for the visual drew her to contribute her own photograph for the cover and utilizing social media to inspire others to be involved with The Quarry. Erica learned about the attention to detail required in professionally editing literature and the importance of communication and collaboration. Erica discovered her own joy in working with young and innovative writers and how many perspectives can improve the meaning of a particular piece of writing.


R.Heggie Editor ImageRhiannon Heggie

  • Technical Assistant, Fiction, Non-Fiction & Script Editor

Rhiannon Heggie worked on issue #9 of The Quarry as Assistant Technical Officer and Fiction, Non-fiction and Script Editor. Her main responsibilities included editing student works and assisting the technical team in uploading and formatting pieces for the online publication. Since beginning her insightful experience with the editorial team, Rhiannon has researched social marketing strategies for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, which will aid with future marketing endeavours. She has also mastered WordPress, which paired with her search engine optimisation skills, have allowed her to create a website of her own. Rhiannon plans to one day use these skills to become an editor of a wide genre of works, both Australian and international.


B.Breadon Editor ImageBenjamin Breadon

  • Technical Team Assistant, Fiction & Non-Fiction Editor

Ben Breadon worked as an editor in both the non-fiction and fiction categories. He also took on duties within the online components of the publication as part of The Quarry’s technical team. Through this experience, he has developed his skills in critical analysis, editing and proofreading, network-centred collaboration and communication, and digital design. His biggest takeaways from his time with The Quarry are a real improvement in his critical analysis and editing skills, as well as the brilliant experience of working with some deeply committed and talented writers and editors along the way.


P.Dickison Editor ImagePeter Dickison

  • Social Media & Publicity Assistant, Fiction Editor

Peter Dickison served as an officer in various Special Forces units of the Australian Army, and has also worked as a professional photographer, technical writer and editor for technology publications. He is currently a Merit Scholar in Creative Writing at Macquarie University, and was shortlisted for the national undergraduate writing award, the Monash Prize, in 2015. His fiction has appeared in literary journal Southerly. He spends his days mired in undergrad English courses, and his nights writing his first novel.


L.Schwebel Editor ImageLaura Schwebel

  • Fiction Editor, Non-Fiction Editor, Fiction Editorial Co-Writer

Laura Schwebel was a Fiction and Non-Fiction Editor on Issue 9# of The Quarry. She was also a part of the duo that wrote the Fiction Editorial piece, which responded to the vast talent of fiction authors who submitted their work for Issue #9 of The Quarry. Working on The Quarry has allowed Laura to strengthen her communication skills and her attention to detail. The experience has also allowed Laura to further develop her prioritizing skills and her time management abilities.

When asked what her biggest highlight was, she said: ‘Being able to work collaboratively as a member of a team. Nothing is more worthwhile than putting in hard work and effort and being able to celebrate at the end with people you’ve formed good friendships with.’


E.Schwartz Editor ImageE.J. Schwartz

  • Fiction Editor, Non-Fiction Editor

E.J. Schwartz’s fiction and nonfiction have been published in American journals, such as Rivercraft and Essay. She is the national president of F.U.S.E (Forum for Undergraduate Student Editors) and the designer of Flagship, an undergraduate travel journal. Girls on Fire by Robin Wassermann is her version of the holy bible.


D.Whitlock Editor ImageDylan Whitlock

  • Fiction Editor

In Issue #9 of The Quarry, Dylan Whitlock worked as a Fiction editor and proof-reader. In these roles, he was tasked with editing fiction pieces and ensuring that submissions were correctly formatted. This involved working closely with the authors to help them improve their short stories. Working on The Quarry has given him valuable insight into the processes involved in publishing an online journal.