#7 Editorial Team

The Quarry #7 Team


Hannah Bell

• Fiction Editor

Hannah Bell worked as an editor in the fiction category. She also took on administrative duties during The Quarry’s planning and production. Through this experience she has particularly developed her skills in collaboration, communication, and decisive decisionmaking. “Being deeply conscious of several people’s unique stories at once has been an amazing and challenging thing to practice.”

Shannah Connell

• Fiction Editorial Co-Writer and Editor

Shannah Connell worked as an editor for fiction, and co-wrote the fiction editorial. During her time on the Quarry’s editorial team, she assisted with peer instruction and communication. She expanded her editing skills and learned about online publishing, while also working with a compact, capable team. “My time at the Quarry was some of the most fulfilling of my degree. It was amazing to work with such a fantastic team of people to bring this wonderful collection of works together, and I am now even more interested in entering the field of editing and publishing.”

Josie Gleave

• Non-Fiction Editorial Co-Writer and Editor

Josie Gleave worked as a nonfiction editor and co-wrote the editorial from that category. For issue 7, she assisted with project managing as a resource coordinator and additionally as a poetry reader. She further developed her editing techniques, online publishing practices, and communication abilities. “A literary journal may be a lot of work, but the reward is worth it.”


Alice Maher

• Main Editorial Writer

• Fiction and Non-Fiction Editor

Alice Maher worked as an editor for non-fiction and fiction categories, and wrote the main editorial. During her time on The Quarry, she assisted with peer instruction, distribution of promotional materials, and event co-ordination. She also developed interpersonal communication skills, editing techniques, and online publishing knowledge.
“Working on the Quarry was a fantastic experience. I have a new appreciation for the industry and am convinced more than ever that writing and editing is my passion.”


Alec Mallia

• Poetry Editorial Writer and Editor

• Graphic Design

• Web Design

Alec Mallia is an undergraduate writing major and active member of the editorial group for the Quarry at Macquarie University. His efforts focus on mainly on non-fiction within prose and poetry.

“I’d like to use this space to thank Hannah Baker for providing us with an amazing piece of art to use with this issue, it was a pleasure to design with.”


David Nolan

• Fiction Editor

David Nolan worked as an editor and proof-reader for fiction in the seventh issue of The Quarry. During the editing process, he worked to ensure good communication between the editorial team and the class and that The Quarry was clear and easy to read. He also helped to ensure that meetings were always productive and that decisions were made quickly. He developed communication, editing, writing and technical skills from his experiences. “I had a great time and learnt a lot. Working on The Quarry gave me a great understanding of publishing and gave me a new appreciation for how writing is made ready for consumption.”


Mary Raposa

• Fiction Editorial Co-Writer and Editor

• Social Media Management 

• Team Management/Administration

Mary Raposa edited for the fiction category, managed the social media, and collaborated for the fiction editorial. Her time in The Quarry consisted of team management, administration, and art recruitment duties. She had developed valuable interpersonal, communication, editing, research, social media and online publishing skills.
“I enjoyed my time in The Quarry! I was given the opportunity to explore my passion while honing my skills in other areas. If anything the experience made me certain that my life really is for the complex joy of writing and editing.”

Catrin Shaw

• Fiction Editor

Catrin Shaw worked as a fiction editor. During her time on the editorial team, she fulfilled both copyediting and format editing duties. Working on The Quarry allowed her to develop her knowledge of online publishing platforms and refine her communication skills through peer instruction and collaboration.

“Being a member of The Quarry editorial team was an excellent opportunity as it allowed me to gain valuable editorial experience. I also found it extremely rewarding to participate in the issue from its conception to its publication.”

Jasmine Walker

• Non Fiction Editorial Co-Writer and Editor

• Fiction Editor

Jasmine Walker worked as an editor in both the fiction and non-fiction categories of issue #7 of The Quarry as well as co-writing the non-fiction editorial with Joscelyn Gleave. She also assisted with the communication between the editorial team and the writers, helped format the final pieces and sourced printing for the marketing material.

Jasmine is a non-fiction writer who enjoys writing about people and places. She appreciates that everyone is different and has a different story to tell. After graduating she hopes to travel and write about the people she meets and the places she visits along the way.

Nicholas Wasiliev

• Fiction Editorial Co-Writer / Editor

• Online Advertising and Media

Nicholas Wasiliev assisted as an editor in the Fiction category of The Quarry, as well as being a co-writer of the fiction editorial. He additionally assisted with online and additional advertising, collaborating with other Macquarie University media such as Grapeshot Magazine and 2ser FM- Real Radio. With his time working on The Quarry, Nicholas has further developed knowledge of online publishing, communication skills with other media organisations as well as within the editorial team, editing techniques and interpersonal engagement with contributors, as well as improved knowledge on radio. “Prior to working at The Quarry, I had very little knowledge, nor idea about the collaborations, qualifications and involvement that would be needed to deliver a successful journal. This experience has given me a taste of what life is like within publishing and editing, but also within advertising, and it is something that will be of incredible value to me going forward. I’m glad I was involved with this experience, and with such a fantastic team.”