#5 Editorial Team

The 2014 Quarry Editorial Team

Semester two 2014 has seen a vast array of changes to the Quarry. These changes are thanks to the work of the editorial team, led by Michelle Hamadache, who ensured that Issue #5 of the Quarry is the best journal we could have crafted. This page is dedicated to recognising the incredible efforts of the Editorial Team.

During our weekly debriefs, plans were made, work was divided, and war stories told. While many students found common time to discuss the work in person, other members involved themselves electronically. We made radical changes to the visual and fundamental structure of the Quarry website. Furthermore, we created a social media presence, printed posters, and edited and formatted the forty-seven pieces that make up Issue #5 of the Quarry.

A special thanks to Jing, Josh, and Nick, who took time out of their mid-semester break to perform open heart surgery on the Quarry’s website, as well as their tireless efforts throughout the semester. Not only have their efforts provided a gorgeous platform for the contributors to share their writing on, but they also ensured the editorial teams of future issues will have an easy and well-documented process for producing their edition.

We thank Ben Cubby, Deputy Editor of Sydney Morning Herald, who took the time to share his wealth of experience and helped design our model for the editing process.

As a contributor to Issue #5 of the Quarry, and a member of the Editorial Collective, I am grateful for the work and dedication of each person. It’s thanks to their innumerable hours of work that we can all be proud of the Quarry.

Written by Tenzin Bereny

Jing Chin


• Journal Editor and Web Designer       • Editorial Director

• Copyediting Consultant                      • Format and Style Editor

• Copyeditor


Josh McInnes


• Journal Editor and Web Designer    • Editorial Director

• Social Media Officer                        • Script Copyeditor

• Editorial Writing Consultant            • Copyeditor      


 Tenzin Bereny


• Journal Editor and Web Designer       • Editorial Director

• Editorial Writer for Fiction and Editorial Team                   

• Format and Style Editor


 Nick Mayfield

• Journal Editor and Web Designer           • Editorial Director

• Editorial Writer for About The Quarry     • Format and Style Editor



Jack Stanton

• Editorial Director                                       • Copytaster 

• Editorial Writer for Issue #5 Editorial        • Copyediting Consultant

• Minute Taker                                             •Social Media Officer


 Maxina Burnet-Darwin

• Editorial Director                                     • Copytaster 

• Editorial Writer for Non-Fiction                • Minute Taker



 Jeremy Barakat

• Editorial Director                        •Copyeditor

• Editorial Writing Consultant                              



 Holly Marsh

• Social Media Officer                         •Copyeditor




 Kristen Rinaudo

• Editorial Director                        •Journal Editor

• Format and Style Editor          



 Vicky Martin

• Editorial Director                        •Script Format Editor

• Editorial Writer for Script    



 Johanna Miller

• Editorial Director                        •Copyeditor            




 Tara Aguiar

• Copyeditor         




 JW N Douglas

John Douglas

• Poetry Format and Style Editor         • Editorial Writer for Poetry

• Poetry Copyeditor




 Sarah Von Bock


• Editorial Director         • Format and Style Editor 

• Minute Taker          



David Ivanovic

David Ivanovic

• Editorial Director                                                •Format and Style Editor

• Editorial Writer for About The Quarry           



 Allysia Murry

• Non-Fiction Copyeditor                      • Editorial Writer for Non-Fiction




 Angela Metri

• Minute Taker    




 Branighan Swan

• Copyeditor              




 Paul Soper

• Copyeditor             




Maxine Sundic

Maxine Sundic • Illustrator

The Seed Cover:

The objective was to create an image that was extensive enough to represent the theme and everyone’s eclectic works. I didn’t want to give the Seed figure a specific identity, as the vagueness helped widen the meaning of the piece. A gender would’ve given the work more meaning than just the theme of “SEED” so I left it rather ambiguous. The style of the robotics is steam-punk as it incorporates period pieces along with industrial, more futuristic context works. That range being what I saw amongst those in my class. I chose the biology of the creature to bring together the idea of industry mechanics, humanity and the concept that from these two forces can spring forth an idea from the mind and the machine. This piece was done in pencil, water colour and afterwards, computer editing.