#12 Non-Fiction & Poetry

The Quarry has brought together poetry and non-fiction for issue #12, a little like the competing frequencies that constitute white noise.

Our non-fiction writer, Laura Bax, wrote ‘Mother Nature’, a story that challenges corporations to think about their impact on the environment. She presents a world being destroyed by corporate negligence, as seen from her suburban Sydney backyard. Poet Alexander Lafazanis also reflects on the state of our environment. ‘Totally like’ is a tongue-in-cheek dare to the reader to question their use of single-use items. ‘[T]he plastic ocean’s strangling the whales’, is a pointed attack for the reader to ruminate on. His ‘The Dog Days’ depicts a land hot and burning; a world that is on all of our doorsteps at this very moment. Sam Moon has created two poems that question our consciousness of the world around us. ‘The Extra’ takes the reader on a journey from the beach, to city streets and cafes, and the theatre; is this journey of life all an act in the end? ‘CynthIA’ again toys with our understanding of what is and isn’t real. In the atmosphere, radio frequencies carry random numbers and words for a radio-transmitter to voice. But is anyone aware that these random utterances exist? Are we even aware of the people around us? ‘The constant.’ by Masumi Parmar asks the reader to struggle along with the speaker as they try to find clarity in a head full of white noise.

Each of these pieces is searching for order in a world on the brink. Our theme of ‘White Noise’ has allowed the author of each work to show us how they grapple in that pursuit. I hope you enjoy…

Editorial by Rowan Freeman.

Mother Nature, Laura Bax

The constant, Masumi Atul Parmar

Do NOT Read This, Alexander Lafazanis

The Extra/CynthIA, Sam Moon