Issue #12 Editorial Team

The Quarry #12 Editorial Team


Introducing the Editorial Team for Issue #12 of The Quarry!

Sebastian Sparrevohn


Sebastian Sparrevohn is studying a Bachelor of Arts at Macquarie University. As part of his criminology major and Macquarie’s PACE program, he is working with the Homicide Victims Support Group on a research project to help victims of terror. He loves and is inspired by storytelling because of its capacity for empathy. Studying writing, his focus is on character-driven science fiction and fantasy stories. His literary inspirations are Kazuo Ishiguro, Kurt Vonnegut, and Virginia Woolf. After studying abroad in Ottawa he longs to return to a city blanketed by snow.


Tiana Visnjic


Tiana Visnjic is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts with a major in English Literature, and aspires to develop a career in editing post-graduation. Simultaneously intimidated and inspired by the creativity of other writers, she has recently begun dipping her toes in her own writing. Tiana enjoys tumbling down the rabbit hole into the wonderland of someone’s imagination, and she is always looking forward to the next adventure.


Rowan Freeman


Rowan is a writer, actor, and drama teacher studying Creative Writing at Macquarie University. Rowan has contributed to the playwright project, Singled Out, and his first play Safety Switch was performed at Sydney’s Old Fitz Theatre in 2015. Motivated by watching picture-books inspire young students, he is developing his own children’s picture-book called Leaving Lot 207.


Jodie Ramodien


Jodie is studying a Bachelor of Arts at Macquarie University with a major in Creative Writing. She recently completed an internship as a content producer at Studio Matrix where she wrote articles for the online publications Australia Business News, Beauty News Australia and Aussie Gossip. After travelling to Europe and spending her Winter studying abroad in Canada she has now settled back down in Sydney to focus on writing her first novel.


Emily Redknap


Emily Redknap writes and often thinks about when she can refer to herself as an author or novelist. She has an affinity for borzois and lemon curd. She was born in Australia but identified as English for most of her life; she has recently discovered that she is in fact happy with being referred to as an Australian author. She loves reading anything Kurt Vonnegut or Margaret Atwood and watching films, particularly if they’re from Studio Ghibli. She’s a vegetarian and ironically, currently works in a deli. She has two short stories and a poem published as part of a writing competition.


Alexander Lafazanis


Alexander Lafazanis is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts at Macquarie University. Born and raised in Sydney, Alex holds a certain pride for his hometown, defending it against all who bemoan the exorbitant cost of living or the contentious lock out laws. In fact, Alex is a testament to Sydney’s thriving music scene, having made a total of $7.30 busking outside town hall station, almost paying for his lunch that evening.