#10 Non Fiction

For a writer, few things are scarier than the blank page.  After all the years of studying, submitting stories read only by classmates and tutors, the prospect of publishing the results of weeks of frantic writing, nail-biting, workshopping and editing for the world to see is definitely the next scariest thing. After all that, we are so proud and excited to present Issue #10’s two non-fiction pieces to you.

Our non-fiction writers were given a challenging task: write a polished, informative, engaging and creative story inspired by our theme, (Un)Natural Selection. And at first glance, the finished pieces don’t appear to have much in common. Rima Marten’s ‘Planet Earth, Red Alert’ uses a memory of something extraordinary to explore the effects of climate change on the island nation of Tuvalu. It raises questions not only about how the global impact of industrial societies, but the powerlessness and invisibility of people like the Tuvalu. Marten’s piece will encourage you to think harder, be more critical of our politicians, and educate yourself about how our world is changing.

Teresa Peni’s ‘The Space Invader and the Mud Lotus’ interprets our theme in a very different way. Rather than considering the many unnatural ways our world is being shaped by the actions of humankind, Peni turned inward. This piece is a snarky and sensitive account of identity, loss and growth. It is self-aware, witty and touching in equal measure, reflecting on moments from the author’s life that signify transformation.

The Quarry Issue #10’s non-fiction writers provide social commentary on the issues facing our world, picking up strands of truth and presenting them for your consideration. We hope you enjoy them.

Written By Hannah Armstrong.

Planet Earth, Red Alert, Rima Martens

The Space Invader and the Mud Lotus, Teresa Peni