#7 Non-Fiction

At first glance, our three nonfiction works appear to not have much in common. Horror films and slasher characters, homebodies and hipsters and a horse trainer in Morocco. They seem to be as related as monks and mobile phones. However, when we look deeper we notice a string tying these three writers together through the journals theme of ‘pockets’.

Hannah Coupe starts out by scaring the begeezuz out of us with her essay ‘Do Not Enter: Isolation, Murder, and a Slasher’s ‘Happy Place’. She explores three famous horror films and their slasher characters discovering that it is isolation, or ‘horror pockets’, that helps to create these infamous killers.

We then jump to Morocco with Josie Gleave where her sister spent a summer working as a horse trainer. ‘The Outskirts of Benslimane’ lets us walk side by side with Makenzie and listen to her recount her rare, interesting and occasionally humorous story of acceptance into the countryside community.

Lastly Jasmine Walker offers dry and humorous tips on how Gen Y can fill their empty pockets with her piece ‘Thriving on the poverty line: A Guide for Gen Y’. In a ‘how to’ style she talks us through some thrifty living ideas based on her personal experience as a struggling Gen Y.

Maybe we are biased, but we are lovers of nonfiction. Even though Issue #7 only offers a tapas size taste of this category, each piece reaches to different corners within the bounds of nonfiction. Bon appétit!

Written by Josie Gleave and Jasmine Walker.

Thriving on the Poverty Line: A Guide for Gen Y, Jasmine Walker

Do Not Enter: Isolation, Murder, and a Slasher's 'Happy Place', Hannah Coupe

The Outskirts of Benslimane by Josie Gleave