Faulty Product Query, Kate Smith

Dear Darren,

My name is Helen and I’m contacting you regarding a product I purchased last month on the 13th of June 2017.

I’ve spoken to the Manager of Sales, Ben, and I’ve had a lengthy chat with Melanie from Finance.

I don’t usually write these kinds of emails but, as I said to Ben, I purchased a $95 item from a reputable Australian company and to say I’m unhappy with the purchase is a significant understatement. I’ve only owned the item for six weeks and it’s broken.

I used the item in accordance with the instructions and, as someone who takes good care of my possessions, I can guarantee you I took exceedingly good care of this item during the brief time I owned it.

I believe the item is either faulty or very poor quality and given that for the same price as this product I could have flown to Hobart, I feel it is only right that your company offers some sort of solution. Melanie has informed me that you do not offer refunds or exchanges after thirty days. I believe the timeframe is inadequate given the price tag attached to this premium product.

Ben tells me that due to the invasive way the product is used you do not offer repairs. I must say, I find this confusing. Last year when my daughter’s breast pump broke she returned it to the manufacturer for repair, and when my father’s hearing aid ended up in the washing machine the technician was happy to receive the item for mending. I really don’t see the difference in this situation.

This information may be of no interest to you, but I think your company misunderstands the e-commerce needs and motivations of women in my age group. I’m not sure what type of people you consider your target market, but as a sixty-year-old woman with the time and means to research health products and purchase top-of-the-line solutions, I feel certain I belong to a demographic worth noting in your market research.

I bought this product online because I felt self-conscious about purchasing it in a department store. I would feel embarrassed if my friends found out I was paying four times more than the standard price for such an item. Hence, I bought it online from a company I thought I could trust.

I urge you to change your policy position regarding refunds and come to recognise the values and needs of your primary customer base.

It’s the small daily rituals that make a difference in one’s life and to one’s health. As the CEO of Australia’s leading oral healthcare brand, I’m sure you appreciate why I invested in your most expensive electric toothbrush and why I am so disappointed at the result of my investment.

I hope we can reach a mutually agreeable solution to this matter.


Helen Donaldson