Falling, Willo Drummond

The chimney is leaking again. Clara stands in front of the slow combustion stove, watching the tiny drips roll down the outside of the flue. This must have been happening for a day and a half now, each drip hitting the stove top and sending a spray of moist ash, like fine dark diamonds, against […]

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Dee Why Pools, Hannah Macauley-Gierhart

  We were standing on the rocks by the pools one late spring afternoon when I turned to him after a long silence and asked him if he had once loved me. He didn’t see it coming. He drew his breath sharply in and looked out at the ocean. And it was turbulent. The large […]

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Custodian, Lindsey Hodder

Shadows blew across the ground, gently caressing the streets of packed dirt. Ghostly echoes of the clouds that threatened to blot out the moon the shadows provided ever growing opportunities to be taken advantage of, if one wished to remain unseen. One did. Emme hovered in the meagre shadows cast by the piles of debris […]

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The White Line, Cassie Hamer

  It was the woman’s stomach that Kat noticed first – round and ripe as a February mango. Eight months pregnant, she guessed. Kat shuffled along the bench to give her extra space. ‘Thanks,’ said the pregnant woman, panting a little as she lowered herself slowly onto the seat. The air in the station couldn’t […]

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From When the Dust Settles, Ellen A. Williams

  When the dust settles, Elsie is running; running into the quiet suburban night, retro kitchen scales clutched to the ridges of her side. The dish was lost a block back, the clang onto the concrete barely registering above the rhythm of pounding feet in her head, pounding blood in her ears. The dial jerks […]

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The Great Roaring Noise, Bruce Naylor

  This is sort of a kid’s story. Not that I believe in kid’s stories… I am currently expanding it into a novella, which is turning out to be rather macabre, so perhaps it’s more of a nightmare than a story. However, this is the short story where it all began….   ‘But what was […]

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Peroxide and the Doppelganger, Rebecca Fraser

  Johnny ‘Peroxide’ Steele placed his sweating palms on the cool ceramic of the basin. He closed his eyes briefly to offset the bile that clawed at his throat. Christ, it had been a big night. Again. He took the weight of his body on protesting arms and leaned forward to inspect himself in the […]

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From Fae’s Labyrinth, Eva Matheson

  ‘Everything is simpler than you think and at the same time more complex than you imagine‘ – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe    Bonnie is the new school councillor after the usual one ‘disappeared’. Sarah must routinely visit the councillor, due to her home situation. Hayley is Sarah’s mum’s best friend.  For the past five […]

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Mud, Cassandra Webb

  The mud sucked at our gumboots, making every step an effort.  Soon effort became pain, but on we trudged. It had rained for three weeks straight, and the first ray of sunshine made us rush to escape the house. ‘Walk backwards, it’s easier,’ my brother said. I turned to try it.  ‘I bet you […]

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When the World Turned Grey, Lynda A. Calder

  Bringer is a Young Adult Fantasy that begins in the real world and takes Jemima Jennings into the mystical world of Maladria where she meets Lamasuard Ingan and his horse, Amicus. Both of them are searching for something but they will both find more than what they are looking for.   When the clouds […]

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