Breathe, Christine Zielinski

Photo by Leio McLaren on Unsplash

Breathe the earth
moss soft on bark
Breathe the water
running fast
over rock
smoothed to sand.
The tang of salt
on your tongue,
on your skin,
as it bakes brown
beside the waves.

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Christine Zielinski

Christine Zielinski is an American writer in the Master of Creative Writing program at Macquarie University. She has been studying creative writing since she was a child, but really refined her writing in her undergraduate and postgraduate studies. While high fantasy prose writing is her focus, poetry is something she holds special for expressing herself more personally to readers. Breathe describes her home, New Jersey, and the calming presence she has while surrounded by the diverse nature within the state. While she loves her home, she cannot wait to travel to Australia and experience the beauty of that country.

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