Casual Guardian, Jenna Zani

Full time employee
but a casual parent
with part time affection
and half-hearted love

that rewards bountiful glistering rain
in thunderous cries.
Cracking fault lines in
Creation’s blind trust and splitting soul into many.

Actions cut deep,
apologies fall short
without meaning –


Reality isn’t enough,
imagined friends and family bring momentary comfort,
the playground signifies a return to freedom, while
home’s bare embrace feels frigid, tastes stale.

Coveted pine and musty plastic
cling to nose and palms, while
aged books, old toy soldiers seal away
raging fires and floods for now.

Watchful eyes cultivate spite,
God’s rebellious child left

Is it the absence of a childhood or parental presence
that brings the downfall
of the Employee?
The abhorrent guardian.

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Jenna Zani

Since falling in love with the Ranger’s Apprentice series as a child, my love for writing has never faded. While I dabble in poetry, I primarily write LGBT+ fiction, as well as fantasy and science fiction. My biggest inspirations currently are Star Wars, Jane Austen and Johannes T Evans. Twitter: @jenna_zani Instagram: jennazani