#6 Non-Fiction


Even though there were only TWO non-fiction writers of Issue #6 of The Quarry, both Kerry Behrendt and Lynda A. Calder present compassionate insights into the discoveries of their family history.

Behrendt’s personal essay, Revelations from my German Woman’s Household Manual, explores a book that she discovered in her family’s home, passed down from her ancestors that was published in 1839 – dealing with issues of gender equality, and thinking about her heritage, and memories.

Calder’s memoir, To Live in the Memory, examines the research she did to learn about a lost ancestor and his rightful place in her family’s history tree. How one soldier from World War One, was lost in time, but has now been found and remembered.

Both of the non-fiction pieces deal with the concept of discoveries and the impact these discoveries have on themselves and others. Discovering a book and unpacking its context and content brings new found knowledge to light, and many questions that need answers. Discovering a lost family member by research opens many doors and opportunities to seek answers to questions that are still growing, and to remember the innate connection we have with our ancestors.

The emphasis on family and memories through this collection has allowed our non-fiction writers to discover and play with emotions inside themselves through their writing and craft.

Written by Claire Catacouzinos
Editor-in-Chief of The Quarry Issue 6

Revelations from my German Woman’s Household Manual, Kerry Behrendt

To Live in the Memory, Lynda A. Calder